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SmokeWatch™ Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector - Duct Mounted (Q5016)

Adapt the SmokeWatch smoke detector for duct monitoring 

The Q5016 Duct Mount Accessory is designed for use with the Det-Tronics SmokeWatch™ U5015 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector. Used together, you can monitor for smoke in ductwork, a good solution for protecting areas served by a forced-air system.

The Q5016 Duct Mount Kit and spare parts are sold separately from the SmokeWatch™ U5015 smoke detector. Several different models of the SmokeWatch™ U5015 explosion-proof smoke detector are available to match your application's requirements.


  • Rugged aluminum design for extreme environmental conditions
  • Designed to meet UL268A
  • NEMA Type 4X ingress protection per requirements of ANSI/NEMA 250:2014
  • Air velocity ranges of 300 to 4,000 ft/min (91.4 to 1219 m/min)
  • Available in a painted aluminum version

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