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Failure to start a generation asset due to a fire or false alarm could mean more than an expensive repair. It can mean substantial penalties levied by the Independent System Operator (ISO). Det-Tronics solutions help protect these mission-critical assets and your bottom line.

Protect mission-critical assets

Generation markets demand unwavering delivery of contracted power. Beyond the loss of energy sale revenues, there are severe penalties for failures to start, missing contracted production targets and more.

A fire in a turbine can result in catastrophic damage to the generating asset, putting it out of service for extended periods, as can a black stop caused by a false alarm. Combine the costs of rebuilding the asset with the wholesale power market penalties and the bottom-line impact can be massive.

Use the right equipment

Traditional heat and smoke detectors designed for commercial use are too slow to provide adequate protection against fires in generation assets. Det-Tronics flame detectors can identify an open energy source and initiate a response far faster than these commercial devices.

On top of this speed of response, Det-Tronics detectors provide outstanding false alarm rejection to mitigate the risk of false alarms forcing a black stop.

Certified fire and life safety systems

When it comes to fire and gas life safety systems capable of protecting high value rotating machinery, third party certification is an excellent measure of the reliability and performance of the solution.

Det-Tronics has a number of certifications and certified systems, so you can be confident that our solutions will satisfy your local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ).

Fuel agnostic

Advancements in fuel chemistry mean your generation fleet can burn a much larger variety of fuels than in the past. Where the fuel mix used to be either diesel or natural gas, today's assets can generate using biofuels and synthetic gases.

This fuel diversity provides options but also challenges as each fuel has its own detection profile. Fortunately, Det-Tronics detectors are capable of monitoring all current fuel types.


Maximize uptime and protect mission-critical assets from fire and false alarm risk with a certified solution from Det-Tronics today.

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