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Det-Tronics fire and gas safety solutions are engineered to satisfy the stringent fire safety requirements of high-value, high-risk oil and gas applications.

Fire and gas safety in the oil and gas industry

Det-Tronics fire and gas detection and hazard-mitigation solutions have a legacy of protecting people and processes

No matter whether your process is upstream, midstream or downstream, Det-Tronics fire and gas safety solutions are well-suited to the requirements of high-value, high-risk oil and gas applications. In all sectors of the oil and gas industry, from offshore drilling platforms to pipeline compressor stations to refineries, Det-Tronics hazard detection and mitigation systems lead the industry in flexibility, functionality and reliability. Our products are designed and certified to function reliably, even in the extreme environments and remote, often unstaffed locations common in oil and gas operations.

Det-Tronics detector engineering and application expertise bring you some of the most effective flame and combustible/toxic gas detection solutions available. The Det-Tronics Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) safety system controller integrates flame and gas detection inputs and provides alarm signaling, fault notification and suppression activation. All on a reliable fault-tolerant, digital network using a variety of industry-standard protocol options to communicate with process control and other facility systems.

Certified SIL 2-capable flame and gas detection solutions

Functional safety system components such as flame and gas detectors need to be certified for compliance with multiple global and local standards. Det-Tronics products carry performance and safety certifications from internationally recognized third-party testing agencies and approval bodies, including FM, ATEX, BRE and the USCG. 

What does this mean to you? When failure to perform is not an option for your life safety systems, you can invest in a Det-Tronics solution confident in the knowledge that these agencies have certified our products perform as advertised.

Oil and gas facility protection is in our DNA

Det-Tronics is currently providing 24/7 fire and gas safety protection for:

  • Over 200 oil platforms from the North Sea to Africa and South America
  • Over 20 FPSOs
  • Over 1,000 onshore petrochemical facilities


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