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PointWatch Eclipse® Infrared CO2 Gas Detector


Specially engineered to detect CO2

The PointWatch Eclipse® Infrared Carbon Dioxide (CO2) gas detector detects carbon dioxide in harsh environments either as a stand-alone detector or as part of a total facility safety system. This robust and reliable diffusion-based point-type infrared (IR) detector is a good choice for monitoring CO2 suppression cylinder storage and skids for CO2 detection in enhanced oil recovery sites. 


  • On-board tri-color LEDs for local alarm and fault annunciation
  • Immune to damage from exposure to constant background gases or high gas concentrations
  • Routine calibration not required
  • Life-safety control functions (providing output via 4-20 mA HART and relays)
  • Ancillary communication options (communicating via HART or RS-485 Modbus)
  • Weather baffle with hydrophobic filter option combined with heated sapphire optics reduces nuisance faults from rain and condensation in harsh environments

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage: 24 Vdc nominal, operating range is 18 to 32 Vdc
  • Power consumption (non-relay version): 4.0 (5.5) watts nominal at 24 Vdc
  • Current output: Linear 4-20 mA rated at 600 ohms maximum loop resistance at 24 Vdc operating voltage
  • Calibration: All units are factory calibrated
  • Detection range: 0-2%/vol or 0-20000 ppm
  • Accuracy: 0-20000 ppm or 0-2%/vol; ±10% Full Scale at 25°C (Det-Tronics verified)