Det-Tronics- Carrier Corporate

PM-5MPX Dual Spectrum IR Flame Detector

EU Conformity (CE)Det-Tronics Point IR Termination Box (PIRTB) FM Approval

Designed specifically to protect semiconductor fabrication processes

Flame detection in semiconductor fabrication settings presents a unique set of challenges the typical IR detector struggles to overcome. The caustic environments and aggressive products of combustion common to these high-value manufacturing processes require the best detection available. The PM-5MPX from Det-Tronics delivers.


  • Built-in rugged mounting plate
  • Typical alarm response of <0.5 seconds
  • Explosion response capability of 25 milliseconds
  • A good choice for use in CNC machining applications

Technical Specifications

  • Intrinsic safety and non-incendive hazardous location approved
  • Cone of Vision 110 degrees horizontal and vertical, with the highest detector sensitivity along the central axis
  • Relays: 100 milliamps maximum at 30 Vdc
  • Non-latching fire relay contacts close for 5 to 15 seconds
  • Polypropylene enclosure shows no degradation to housing or wire jacket observed after exposure to Cyclohexanone, NMP, HMDS, Photo Resist, Developer, Acetone, Isopropyl Alcohol, MEK, or Methanol at 60°C
  • FM 3260 fire detection performance approved

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