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Gas Detector Accessories and Spares

Calibration and maintenance accessories for your gas detectors

Det-Tronics offers several accessories and spare parts that help you get the most from each of your detectors. We manufacture and source these to the same quality standards as the detectors themselves. 

NOTE: Accessories and spares vary by detector type. This list is designed to be illustrative of what is available, so please contact your authorized local sales representative for complete information on compatibility, availability and cost.

How can our accessories help?

Gas Inspector Software: When used with a PC, this software allows access to gas detector status condition, stored data logs and detailed diagnostic information. When used with the FlexVu® UD10 Universal Display, additional functionality is provided.

Det-Tronics Calibration and maintenance Gas Inspector Software



Calibration: The correct sample gases, draw cups and windshield bags provide accurate reference samples, simplify the calibration process and protect the sensor from the effects of wind while calibrating. The bottom line? You save time (and expense) and maintain your detector's calibration. 

  • Certified calibration gas kits
  • Sample draw cup assembly
  • Windshield calibration bag
  • Test films

q900-imageInstallation: Duct mounting kits allow the installation of detectors inside HVAC ductwork to protect against gas distribution to occupied spaces. Pole mounts enable detector placement nearly anywhere your situation requires.

  • Direct duct mount accessory
  • Q900 duct mount kit
  • Alignment tool

pirecl-windshield-bag-imageEnvironmental protection: Extremes in your site's weather can impact the effectiveness of your detectors. Protect them with weather protectors including rain shields, splash guards and dust covers.

How can our spares help?

Minimize downtime - A supply of replacement baffles, sensors, cells and other critical detector components on the shelf gives you the ability to replace components when needed so there is minimal downtime and your protection remains intact.




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