Det-Tronics- Carrier Corporate

FlexVu® Universal Display (Model UD20)


Two-wire loop powered capable, feature rich display

This display is intended for applications where a 2-wire loop powered gas detector is required. Gas concentrations can be displayed in ppm, LFL or % for O2. The UD20 automatically detects the gas type and operating range of the senor to which it is connected via the HART signal.

All electronics are enclosed in an explosion-proof aluminum or stainless steel housing. The gas sensor may be attached directly to the UD20 or located remotely using a sensor termination box.


  • Local 160 x 100 alphanumeric LCD display continuously displays the gas level, gas type, and units measured
  • Provides ready access to important information, such as:
    • Sensor fault/status
    • Transmitter fault/status
    • Gas type, range and measurement units
    • History, event, and calibration logs
  • Compatible with the Det-Tronics PointWatch® Eclipse and GT3000 detectors

Technical Specifications

  • 2-wire loop powered
  • Signal Inputs and Outputs: 4-20 mA loop from the detector
  • User Inputs: Magnetic switches (4) on the display panel
  • Visible Outputs: LCD display

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