Det-Tronics- Carrier Corporate

FlexSonic® Acoustic Gas Leak Detector

ATEXCanada QPSDNV GL MaritimeEACEU Conformity (CE)Det-Tronics Point IR Termination Box (PIRTB) FM ApprovalSIL 2 Certification

Detecting leaks by their acoustic signature

The Det-Tronics FlexSonic® acoustic detector is the first non-contact gas leak detector of its kind. Using a sophisticated algorithm, it listens for 24 unique acoustical “fingerprints” that are characteristic of pressurized gas leaks. By tuning out nuisance ultrasonic sources, this detector reduces false alarms, so your operations run without false alarm-triggered shutdowns.


  • Fast response to pressurized gas leaks; no contact with gas required
  • Sensitivity unaffected by wind direction or leak location
  • Foam filter option for protection in dry, sandy environments
  • Standard base settings useful for most applications
  • Patented Learn Function customizes detection to ignore other ultrasonic false alarm sources present in the detection area
  • Optional Acoustic Configurator software is available for improved user experience and enhanced device management capabilities
  • exida® safety award winner

Technical Specifications

  • 4-20 mA output combined with HART
  • Non-contact detection
  • Certified SIL 2 capable 
  • Analyzes 24 discrete ultrasonic bands
  • Extensive data logging with removable storage
  • High-performance microphone combined with advanced digital signal processing (DSP) capability
  • Globally approved explosion-proof 316 stainless steel enclosure


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