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Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector Accessories and Spares

Keeping spares and accessories on the shelf minimizes system downtime

Smoke detectors can be an integral part of life safety systems. When you need to repair, maintain or relocate detectors, having access to the right parts makes your life easier, the job faster and keeps your smoke detectors operating.

A shortlist of replacement parts, spares and other items are listed below. 

Part #         Description 
104286-001 U5015 Replacement Sensor Module 
104234-001 Phoenix Contact ME-MAX-NEF/QUINT20A Line Filter* 
102740-002 Magnet 
007739-001 Magnet with Extension Pole 
101197-001 Stop Plug, 3/4" NPT, AL 
101197-005 Stop Plug, M25, AL 
000119-008 Smoke Detector Tester (Canned Smoke) 

013660-001 Q5016 inlet tube 1 ft (0.3 m) w/stop 
013660-003 Q5016 inlet tube 3 ft (0.9 m) w/stop 
013660-006 Q5016 inlet tube 6 ft (1.8 m) w/stop 
013660-010 Q5016 inlet tube 10 ft (3.0 m) w/stop 
013628-001 Q5016 outlet tube,1 ft 
013653-001 Inlet tube stop plug 
013655-001 Differential pressure adaptors (2x) 
013626-001 Chamber gasket 
400587-001 Locknut, serrated flange 

Need something else? Please contact your authorized local sales representative for complete information on compatibility, availability and cost. Or, look through the Det-Tronics product catalog under Other Resources.

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