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Heat/Risk Area Detector (Model HD)

ATEXCSADet-Tronics Point IR Termination Box (PIRTB) FM ApprovalIECExSIL 2 Certification

Rate compensated heat detector for the most demanding applications

The Model HD Heat/Risk Area Detector monitors the surrounding air temperature and actuates an electrical contact output at a pre-determined temperature. The expansion coefficients of the metal alloys used in the construction of the detector enable the hermetically sealed contact to activate at a precise temperature point.

The Model HD Detector can be used as an alarm device to sense excessive heat or fire and warn personnel, or it can be used as a signaling device to sense fire and send a signal to an alarm panel for actuation of a fire suppression system.

The design of the heat detector utilizes Rate Compensation, which provides better performance when compared to fixed-temperature or rate-of-rise detectors. Rate-of-rise devices rely on a rapid rate of increase in the ambient temperature to actuate an output and are subject to false alarms caused by warm thermal currents resulting from various industrial processes. Fixed temperature detectors must be heated to the alarm set point to activate, providing a potentially slower alarm response time in the event of a rapidly growing fire.


  • Faster response times than traditional alternatives
  • Repeatable - resets itself, nothing to replace, testable
  • Rugged - withstands shock and vibration
  • Versatile - various temperature settings available
  • Economical - wide detector spacing reduces installation costs
  • Factory set internal contact area is hermetically sealed in stainless steel
  • Ease of wiring and installation

Technical specifications

  • Operating temperature range: –40°C to +125°C (–40°F to +257°F)
  • Risk Area Heat Detector with Explosion-Proof Junction Box - Model HD
  • Aluminum or stainless steel junction box, stainless steel heat detector
  • UL/CSA rated for 12-26 AWG, 2.5–1.5 mm2 wire
  • Thread options: 3/4 inch NPT or M25 
  • Models IP66/67 and NEMA Type 4x rated
  • Zone 1, 2 and 21 rated
  • Certified SIL 2 capable

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