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High-performance systems that detect heat or flames and actuate fire suppression systems are essential to safeguard human life, assets and hangar structures.

Safety protection is paramount

Commercial aircraft costs can exceed $200 million. 
Military aircraft cost exponentially more.

Protecting personnel, aircraft and hangars requires high-performance fire detection and suppression systems and special expertise in applying these solutions properly. The Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Fire and Life Safety System from Det-Tronics provides the solution.

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Fire hazard detection challenges:

  • Size of hangars presents an expansive area to be protected
  • Equipment and aircraft obstruct views
  • Large open doors permit a view of external "friendly fire" sources
  • Avionics can generate considerable levels of electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • In the event of a fire, aircraft damage occurs in seconds

Complete solutions must:

  • Have an appropriate detection range for the fuel of interest
  • Ignore false alarm sources such as EMI and "friendly fires"
  • Respond rapidly to prevent asset damage
  • Integrate detection, notification and suppression functionality
  • Provide the appropriate quantity of flame detectors to provide coverage that meets project requirements
  • Validate performance during commissioning
  • Use a performance-based design that adheres to codes and standards

life safety system layout

Life safety system layout legend


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