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Return Material Authorization Form

RMA requests are reviewed by Technical Support.

Expected lead time is four weeks upon receipt at the factory.

Note: A Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be acquired and displayed on any packages shipped to the factory or they will be refused.

Note: Please ensure you save and/or make a note of any custom software configurations applied to the equipment prior to returning it for repairs. After repairs are made, the Repair Center will attempt to configure the device to its "as-received" state, but in some cases that may not be possible and the device will be returned to its original factory default configuration.

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Company Billing Information

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Material Shipping Address

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End User Information
Return & Repair Request Type

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If item cannot be repaired, select one below

Subject to restocking fees.

If manufacturer evaluation indicates expired warranty:


Please list each device on a separate line and be sure to include part/model number, serial number, reason for return, and a detailed description of the issue.

All requests for repairs are subject to a quality review by the Det-Tronics technical support team.


Please click “+ Add Part” after all the *required part information has been entered above.

Part # Model # Serial # Reason Description Order #

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