Det-Tronics- Carrier Corporate

Project Delivery and System Integration Services

Comprehensive, Customized Turnkey Solutions from the Solution Experts

For more than four decades, Det-Tronics has been meeting the needs of customers around the world with solutions that protect people, property and processes.

When off-the-shelf solutions don't meet the demands of your operation, turn to the Det-Tronics Systems Group. Our dedicated professionals will work with you from project definition to acceptance testing and system commissioning.

We start with a detailed definition of your project's requirements so, we understand what you need to:

  • Satisfy the Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • Protect staff, plant and process integrity.
  • Mitigate potential risk in these critical areas. 

Using this understanding, we initiate our project delivery and system integration process. There are five major components:

  • Proposal development - we create an estimate of the total project cost. 
  • Project management - our dedicated teams provide total project management from day one to successful system commissioning.
  • Project engineering - skilled and experienced engineers turn your requirements into drawing packages, HMI interface specifications, system operation logic, bills of material and more.
  • Systems manufacturing - this is where all the parts and pieces come together on our factory floor, assembled to the engineering specifications and drawings. 
  • Factory and Site Acceptance services - document and demonstrate that your new custom Det-Tronics solution performs as specified. 

You are tasked with keeping your personnel safe, protecting your physical plant assets from damage and ensuring all production processes operate with minimal interruptions from false alarms generated by life safety systems. You can count on Det-Tronics to deliver solutions capable of meeting these requirements. 

Contact your authorized local sales representative to learn more about how Det-Tronics can meet your needs with a customized solution.

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