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Additional Devices

Devices and solutions to tailor your EQP system to your precise needs 

Use these monitoring, communication and ancillary devices to optimize your Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) fire and gas safety system's performance, further increasing the protection provided to personnel, property and processes.

Available devices include:

  • Power Supply Module - provides notification of issues with power supplies for critical portions of your fire and gas safety system
  • Ground Fault Monitor - detects and alerts system operators to ground faults that compromise system performance
  • Line Termination Monitor - watches critical communication and control lines for faults and failures that isolate detectors and actuation devices
  • Surge Protection Module - protects vital fire and gas safety system components from surges induces in power and communication wiring by natural causes and operational mishaps
  • Network Extender - increases the range and device capacity of your fire and gas safety system for coverage of larger areas
  • Fiber-optic communication - utilize fiber optics to improve communications resistance to EMI/RMI

Please contact your authorized local sales representative for pricing, availability and for solutions not listed above.

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