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EQP Safety System Accessories & Spares

Accessories and spares to keep your EQP system running

You engineered and installed an Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) fire and gas safety system to protect your operation's people, plant and processes. Make sure you can adequately maintain and repair it with the right accessories and spares. Having a supply of critical components can minimize downtime when you need to work on the system.

Your system configuration will determine the type and number of spares you keep on hand. Some options available include:


  • Controller to Controller High-Speed Serial Cable (for redundant systems)
  • EQ3LTM LON Termination Module (2 required per LON)
  • Controller RS-232 Communication Cable (DB9 Female PC Connection)
  • EQ2230RSP Surge Protector RS485
  • HIM, HART Interface Module, EQP

Power Supply

  • EQP21XX Power Supply (20A 120/220V, panel or DIN)
  • EQ2100PSM Power Supply Monitor
  • EQP2410 Converter (serves as a DC voltage regulator for the secondary/back-up power supply
    source, panel or DIN)
  • Approved primary power supply (10, 30, 75 Amp, 60HZ and 50HZ)

Cables are an often overlooked component of any system with preferences given to those products users are already familiar with or have on hand for other systems. The right cable is essential for optimal operation and reliability. The following links take you to two different manufacturers of cables designed for fire and life safety system use.

Please contact your authorized local sales representative for assistance with pricing and ordering.

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