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Technical Support Services

Det-Tronics Technical Support Services Help us expedite the process!

We are here to help, but it will go faster if you help us help you! So, before contacting us, please gather some information.

Here is what we'll need you to have done and have on hand. We have created a worksheet to record your information. It's right here.

  1. What is the application for the detector?
  2. Was it operating correctly before the problem?
  3. Results of the troubleshooting steps from your product manual.
  4. Results of any conversations with your authorized local sales representative.
  5. Is your product repairable (should that be necessary)?
  6. Your product information: Model #, Serial #, date of installation.
  7. Description of what it is, or is not, doing.
  8. Frequency of the issue's occurrence.
  9. Details of diagnostic screens and event logs.
  10. Weather conditions and time of day when the problem occurs.

Contact options

You can reach us via phone or email.

1.952.941.5665 – Option 3
1.800.765.FIRE (3473) – Option 3
[email protected]

Does your issue require field service? 

If your issue requires field service, or if you want field service for other reasons, a technical support professional will help get things started. The process is outlined below.

  1. Using the information provided by your technical support person, contact Field Service to schedule a date and time to visit your site.
  2. Advise Field Service personnel of any entry requirements/restrictions so they will be able to get all required permissions in time for the visit. 
  3. Be sure the staff you have available understand the problem well and are familiar with the operation of your systems.
  4. Have all necessary documentation regarding system configuration, as-built drawings, and so forth on hand.
  5. Make sure the participating staff have the necessary facility and system access permissions.


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