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Ultra-High-Speed Fire Detection and Releasing Systems (FDRS) Ancillary Components

ULTRA-FDRS ancillary components to meet your project's specific requirements

EQ3900G Power Distribution / Monitoring Enclosure Solution

This wall-mounted enclosure accommodates the Power Supply Monitor, terminal blocks, relays, circuit breakers, and fuses as physical space allows.

  • Red painted (RAL 3020) steel enclosure
    • 20”(H) x 20”(W) x 8”(D) (508mm x 508mm x 203mm)
    • Front Access Door with Locking Key Handle
    • Passive Venting
    • NEMA 4, IP66
    • No Viewing Window or Operators
  • One EQ2100 PSM Power Supply Monitor installed

Ultra-FDRS 75 amp power supply monitor

Backup Battery Enclosure

This wall-mounted enclosure holds up to four 12 Volt, sealed lead acid, top-post, 100AH batteries. 

  • Red painted (RAL 3020) steel enclosure
    • 30” (H) x 30” (W) x 8” (D) (762mm x 762mm x 203mm)
    • One shelf
    • Latching front access door
    • Filtered vents
    • NEMA 1

Ultra-FDRS Flame Detection and Extinguishing System batter enclosure cabinet door open

Certified Power Supplies

Three LaMarche power supplies in 10, 30 and 75-amp capacity have been certified with the Ultra-FDRS. You can be assured of maintaining your certification when you use these robust units.  


Ultra_FDRS Flame Detection and Releasing System LaMarche Power Supply Family

Power Supply Wall Mount Bracket

Painted steel wall mount brackets are available for use with EQ21xxPS series power supplies/battery chargers. 

Power supply wall racks for Ultra-FDRS systems

Redundant Phoenix Power Supply Solution

For an added measure of protection and reliability, Det-Tronics offers the Phoenix Redundant Power Supply option. When you add this to your Ultra-FDRS, you increase reliability and availability even if the primary power supply fails or becomes unavailable.

Phoenix Redundant Power Supply Solution for Ultra-FDRS

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