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Ultra-High-Speed Flame Detection and Releasing Systems

Eagle Quantum Premier® Ultra-High-Speed Flame Detecting and Releasing Systems 

The manufacturing of energetic materials and other specialized applications may require a flame detection and releasing system that is capable of a high-speed (not more than 500 milliseconds) or ultra-high-speed (not more than 100 milliseconds) response.

Det-Tronics offers several pre-designed, listed detection and releasing systems for ultra-high-speed flame detection and releasing (ULTRA-FDRS) applications.

Three standardized system models are available to meet the needs of the small, medium and large ultra-high-speed system users. These models utilize the listed Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Fire and Gas detection and releasing system.

Each model includes an appropriately sized cabinet housing an EQP Controller, one or more high-speed deluge modules (HSDM), one enhanced discrete input-output module (EDIO), physical disconnect switches and field wiring termination terminals.

Remote Input/Output (RIO) Model    

This model allows for the installation of the ULTRA-FDRS 2400, 3600, or 4800 in a given area while the ULTRA-FDRS RIO is installed in a different area located physically closer to individual work areas. The ULTRA-FDRS RIO cabinet is ordered as needed in a quantity that is sized to the needs of the particular application.

Specifications Common to Each Model

  • Red painted (RAL 3020) steel enclosure, locking key handle door, fixed window (except Model Ultra FDRS RIO), mounting feet
  • Lockable physical disconnect switches
  • Interposing terminals to accommodate field wiring
  • FM/CSA/IECEx and SIL 2 approved for indoor, non-hazardous areas
  • Allows compliance with NFPA 72® and NFPA 15 (Chapter 12)

Standard Capacities

The following tables summarize the specific capacities and dimensions of the different standard ULTRA-FDRS models. Other non-standard ULTRA-FDRS options are available. These non-standard options may incur higher costs and longer lead times. You can get a copy of the tables and other ULTRA-FDRS model information for your reference here. Or, you can contact your authorized local sales representative for further assistance.

Tables of Standard Capacities

ULTRA-FDRS Specification Tables

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