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EQ3900G Pre-Engineered Listed and Certified Systems

The Det-Tronics EQ3900 Series – Configurable Listed Systems

As part of providing a total fire and gas safety system solution to commercial and industrial clients around the world, Det-Tronics has engineered and tested several configurable system enclosures. When you need a certified, listed system for both hazardous and non-hazardous areas and you need it quickly, one of the EQ3900G models may be the solution you seek.


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  • Pre-certified enclosures and components simplify system configuration, reduce total project time and expedites compliance with local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs)
  • Electronics and wiring tested at the factory
  • Complete system documentation package
  • Wall and floor-mounted enclosures available
  • Enclosures may be equipped with a window, display, indicators, panel horns, selector switches and actuators
  • The EQP controller communicates with field devices, Det-Tronics and third-party, via fault-tolerant loop and point-to-point topologies
  • The EQP controller communicates with other process control (PCS) and emergency plant shutdown (PSD) systems via several industry-standard protocols

                                                                                                  2400 series EQP EG3900G with single controller and any 2 IO-modules      


Technical specifications

Enclosures are certified for specific installation environments and requirements. Depending upon the model and your needs, each is configurable to house and protect various combinations of:

  • Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) Safety System Controller available in standalone and redundant configurations
  • 8 channel input/output modules - analog and digital
  • Available in models that are certified SIL2 capable
  • FM Approved and SIL2 capable allows compliance with NFPA 72
  • Certified for annunciation and releasing


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