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Celebrating Nearly 50 Years of Success and Customer Satisfaction

Det-Tronics has been providing proven flame detection, gas detection and hazard mitigation systems for high-risk processes and critical industrial operations worldwide since 1973. The company designs, manufactures and commissions certified SIL 2-capable flame and gas detection solutions. Det-Tronics products carry performance and safety certifications from globally recognized third-party testing agencies and approval bodies.

A leader in fire and gas safety systems, Det-Tronics is part of Carrier, a leading global provider of innovative HVAC, refrigeration, fire, security and building automation technologies.


Det-Tronics has sales and service offices worldwide, providing local assistance from project definition to field support in the oil, gas, petrochemical, automotive, aerospace, munitions and chemical industries. The corporate headquarters of Det-Tronics is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA, where flame, gas and mitigation products and systems are designed, manufactured and tested for installations around the world.

Product Line

Det-Tronics product and solutions include flame detectors, combustible gas detectors, toxic gas detectors and explosion-proof smoke detectors, as well as an addressable safety controller that is compliant to NFPA 72 and certified for annunciation and releasing. Optical flame detectors incorporate the latest technologies in UV, IR, UV/IR, Dual IR and Multispectrum IR to maximize detection while minimizing false alarms.

Combustible and toxic gas detectors protect staff and facilities from these dangerous gases using a variety of technologies including acoustic, infrared (point and line-of-sight), catalytic bead and electrochemical. Det-Tronics line-of-sight acoustic gas detection products are exida safety award winners.

The Eagle Quantum PremierĀ® (EQP) Fire and Gas Safety Controller is an addressable-loop, fault-tolerant safety controller, engineered further to provide redundant operational capabilities. Compliant to NFPA 72 per FM Approvals, the controller supports Det-Tronics flame and gas detectors as well as third-party devices. The controller is certified for annunciation and releasing, and it can communicate with process control and communication systems.

The EQP is hazardous-location rated by FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx, is FM performance approved and CE marked. The result is a fire- and gas-safety controller that can incorporate smoke detection, flame detection and combustible and toxic gas detection, as well as other detection technologies for high-risk applications into a single safety system.

Global Approvals

Products intended to protect hazardous industrial applications against fire and life safety hazards must be certified to ensure that they meet functional safety requirements. Det-Tronics submits and receives product performance and safety certifications from globally recognized third-party testing agencies, as well as hundreds of local and national approvals certifying our products and systems are compliant with rigorous performance, safety, protection and other test criteria.

Product Testing Facility

Det-Tronics maintains a sophisticated fire and gas testing facility where countless tests are performed, encompassing a full range of fuel types, fire sizes and false-alarm sources. Our gas detectors undergo similar testing, ensuring that combustible and toxic gases are detected and that an ideal balance is maintained between environmental protection and detection performance.

Customer Support, Training & Technical Services

Our customer support and training teams are prepared and ready to support customers and partners around the world, and we offer both factory and onsite training and global field service support. Experts with extensive experience in detection products and systems, applications, sales, service and technical support are ready to assist you.

Sustainability Goals - Moving the World Forward

Det-Tronics and Carrier are committed to reducing our impact on the global climate through more efficient use of energy, reduced GHG emissions, better waste reduction, increased recycling, reduced water consumption and overall best management practices for enhanced sustainability.

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