DuctWatch (PIRDUCT) IR Gas Detector

The PIRDUCT "DuctWatch" combustible IR gas detector is specially designed to deliver reliable gas detection in enclosed air-handling ductwork applications. Safety engineers have long been aware that duct air monitoring provides the ability to maximize protection of confined spaces in challenging industrial applications.

The PIRDUCT optical probe is inserted through the duct wall and spans across the duct interior, allowing moving air to pass into the detection chamber for analysis of hydrocarbon vapor concentration. It is ideally suited for retrofit replacement of point detectors, and is in essence an IR beam detector delivered in a pre-aligned, ready to install package. The key advantages delivered by PIRDUCT include the ability to reliably and accurately measure gas concentration across air ductwork without the costly maintenance headache of sampling systems and expensive installation costs.

The PIRDUCT is 6 times more sensitive to combustible gas than a conv​entional IR point detectors, and optimizes detection in applications where air stratification can occur.

Typical applications include:

  • Gas turbine enclosures
  • Gas compressor enclosures
  • HVAC air intakes
  • Air intakes to engine compartments​

Reliable, low maintenance IR technology is the heart of the DuctWatch combustible gas detector, and it has evolved from thousands of successfully installed and operating PointWatch PIR9400 IR gas detectors.

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