3D Mapping Solution for Flame & Gas Detection

Optimized detector placement is required to mitigate catastrophic situations in high risk process environments.

Undetected hazards may lead to a compromise in safety. These hazards can include:

  • Blind spots with zero coverage
  • Lack of adequate coverage in high risk areas
  • Obstructions in a detector's field of view

The solution?
3D Flame & Gas Mapping by Det-Tronics. This solution - based on proven technology and the expertise of Det-Tronics, augmented by a 3D mapping software - provides an enhanced layer of protection and an increased level of safety.

The 3D Flame & Gas Mapping solution requires the Det-Tronics in-house detection experts to:

  1. Consult and gather customer process data & requirements
  2. Conduct safety analysis of requirements & process data using a 3D software mapping tool to determine optimum detector placement
  3. Identify zero coverage areas
  4. Define coverage per detector

Customers are provided with a statistical analysis assessment report and a comprehensive flame and gas detector placement guide.



  • Determine precise detector location, technologies, and optimized detector setting(s) for maximum protection
  • Report for end-user with key information for installation, regulatory agencies, and auditing


  • Visually interpret and manipulate coverage areas including potential areas without coverage
  • Determine accurate, quantitative statistical analysis of coverage for safety case claims and insurance
  • Formulate detector placement strategy in congested areas commonly found on and offshore


  • 3D Flame & Gas Mapping certified by fire protection engineers ensure conformance to local authorities and regulations
  • Foundation for documented safety case as required by the HSE, ISA, IEC and other regulatory agencies

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