Fast, Reliable, Repeatable H2S Gas Detection

The Det-Tronics Nanotechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor (NTMOS) gas detector delivers fast and repeatable H2S detection in extreme temperature and humidity applications where electrochemical sensing technologies are not preferred.

The NTMOS H2S detector uses the latest nanotechnology to ensure accuracy, reliability, and repeatability.

The sensing element is packaged in a rugged housing and protected by an ingress protection filter, and sintered stainless steel flame arrestor, making it suitable for installation in Class I, Division 1 locations.


  • Ingress protection rating of IP66/67 is ideal for locations that require water spray and dust ingress protection
  • Every second counts - detects H2S faster than traditional electrochemical sensors and more accurately than Metal Oxide Sensors (MOS).


  • Provides H2S gas detection in extreme temperature and humidity conditions
  • Can be installed as a stand-alone sensor or combined with a display for local indication


  • Performs reliably in extreme climates with accurate and consistent operation proven through performance testing to the ISA-92.0.01 standard

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