Combustible Gas Detection Solutions

Detecting hydrocarbon and nonhydrocarbon combustible gasses requires approved and reliable technology. Det-Tronics provides hazardous fixed gas detection solutions that keep our customers safe and satisfied. Ranging from a variety of fixed infrared and catalytic detectors to display transmitters, gas controllers, power supplies, and gas control panels, Det-Tronics delivers the performance, quality, and reliability you require.

FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-Of-Sight IR Gas Detector

The FlexSight LS2000 detects combustible gas between two points with infrared technology, and is certified up to 120 meters.


This industrial-quality detector provides another layer of protection in the harshest environments, detecting leaks instantly under virtually all conditions.

Pointwatch Eclipse® (PIRECL) ir gas detector


The Eclipse gas detector delivers the highest quality hydrocarbon gas detection performance available with life-safety control options.

Pointwatch Eclipse (PIRECL) is now available with a fast response option for increased speed and performance.


Pointwatch™ (PIR9400) ir gas detector

The PIR9400 fixed gas detector continues to deliver reliable hydrocarbon gas detection and the lowest cost of ownership in virtually all LEL detection applications.

FlexVu® Universal Display


By providing non-intrusive magnetic calibration and configuration, the FlexVu Universal Display enables a single person to calibrate a fixed gas detector without declassifying a hazardous area. Plus the backlit, heated LCD clearly displays gas concentration and indicates fault status.

catalytic combustible gas (cgs) detector


Our family of stainless steel catalytic fixed gas sensors provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for flammable gas and hydrogen vapor detection applications.

The CGS-FlexVu® UD10 gas detection system is now third-party certified as SIL 2 capable.

hart® communicator

A portable and intrinsically safe handheld communicator that may be used to configure and test our PIRECL (Point IR) Gas Detector, our OPECL (Open Path) Gas Detector, or any of our other HART devices.

duct-mount (pirduct) ir gas detector

The PIRDUCT "DuctWatch" combustible IR gas detector is specially designed to deliver reliable fixed gas detection in enclosed airhandling ductwork applications.

Combustible Transmitter (505)

The 505 Transmitters provide a reliable and cost-effective solution for flammable fixed gas & hydrogen vapor detection applications.

Termination box options

Det-Tronics provides several choices of gas-sensor termination. They provide convenient, low-cost means for terminating and/or separating a sensor from a transmitter or display.