Adding Detection, Notification, and Agent Release

The Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) Safety System accepts virtually any 3rd-party safety device, including smoke and heat detectors, audible and visual notifiers, and agent release devices. To accommodate this high level of flexibility and functionality, a variety of input/output (I/O) modules are available to allow proper system connections and communications.

Adding Detection and Notification Devices

These modules provide input channels to add dry-contact closure devices or output channels for devices that require 24 Vdc activation.

Adding 4-20 mA Analog Devices

These modules provide input channels to add 4-20 mA output devices to the safety system.


Adding Non-Supervised Devices (Type C Relay)

This module provides eight output channels to add non-supervised devices (such as PLCs, fans, dampers, and motor control centers) to the safety system.

adding Remote Zone Protection in Hazardous Areas

This module is pre-programmed with dedicated "embedded logic" that allows it to connect eight channel-specific safety devices and perform stand-alone local area protection in a "back-up mode" without controller interaction.

adding Devices in Non-Hazardous Areas

This module enables connection to detection and notification devices in non-hazardous areas (such as living quarters and control rooms), and it enables the EQP system to monitor both non-hazardous and hazardous areas simultaneously.