Signal Audible Module (SAM)

The Signal Audible Module (SAM) provides two Notification Appliance Circuits (NAC) for controlling UL Listed 24 Vdc polarized audible/visual indicating appliances. The SAM is located on the system LON/SLC and is controlled by programmable logic in the Eagle Quantum Premier Controller. Each output circuit is independently programmable to allow annunciation of separate events. In release applications, signal outputs can be programmed to provide signaling for pre-release, release, or post-release.

  • Provides two ANSI/NFPA 72 Class B Style Y output notification appliance circuits
  • Each circuit is individually supervised for opens and shorts
  • Each circuit is individually controlled by user logic
  • Each circuit supports a variety of programmable blink/flash rates
  • Current reversal on activation
  • 2 output channels can be individually activated
  • Each channel is supervised for open circuits
  • Active fault isolation
  • Self-diagnostics

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