Press Releases

Aug 2019>

Det-Tronics Releases Certified High-Speed Deluge Module for Eagle Quantum Premier® Fire and Gas Safety System

Det-Tronics introduces industry’s only listed flame detection and releasing system capable of ultra-high-speed response of 100 milliseconds or less. More > 

June 2019>

Det-Tronics Expands Detection Capability of X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Flame Detector

The X3302 multispectrum infrared flame detector (X3302) from Det-Tronics is now third-party approved for the industry’s largest field-of-view for hydrogen fires, as well as approved for methane, methanol and synthesis gas (syngas) fires. More > 

Carrier's Fire Safety Brands to Showcase Innovative Solutions Together at NFPA 2019

Carrier’s fire safety brands will display their extensive fire detection and suppression solutions at NFPA 2019, June 17 – 19 in San Antonio, Texas.... More > 

May 2018>

New Addressable Smoke Module adds Capabilities to Det-Tronics Fire- and Gas-Safety Controller

Det-Tronics has introduced a new addressable smoke module (ASM) for the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) fire- and gas-safety controller... More >
Apr 2018>

United Technologies Opens State-of-the-Art Innovation Center

One of the largest providers of building technologies today officially opened the new UTC Center for Intelligent Buildings – a state-of-the-art innovation and technology experience center, modern and connected work space for 500 employees, and environmentally sustainable building designed to the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED® Platinum standards... More >
Jan 2016 >
Det-Tronics announces the release of a photoelectric explosion-proof rated smoke detector. The Det-Tronics® SmokeWatch™ U5015 detector is a Class I Division 1, 2 and Zone 1 explosion-proof rated smoke detector... More >

Dec 2015 >
Det-Tronics announces that its FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector was recently selected by exida, a leader in functional safety and cybersecurity certification for the process industries... More >

Oct 2015 >
The X3301 multispectrum infrared flame detector from Det-Tronics, already a leading flame detector in fire protection, now has certification for the industry’s greatest field-of-view protection... More >

May 2015 >
The new FlexSight™ LS2000 Line-of-Sight Infrared Gas Detector from Detector Electronics Corp. (Det-Tronics) is a next-generation solution for line-of-sight gas detection... More >

Nov 2014 >
We are pleased to announce our new sales office and engineering center in Anchorage, Alaska. The former Engineered Fire & Safety group has assumed the Det-Tronics name... More >

Oct 2014 >
Det-Tronics announces the addition of an Ethernet/Modbus TCP/IP interface board option on the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP) fire-and gas-safety controller... More >

Mar 2014 >

Oct 2013 >
Det-Tronics the global leader in fire and gas safety systems, has been recognized with exida’s Safety Award, Sensors Category, for its revolutionary FlexSonic™ Acoustic Gas Leak Detector... More >

Jul 2013 >
Det-Tronics the global leader in fire and gas safety systems, introduced its revolutionary FlexSonic™ Acoustic Gas Leak Detector today... More >

Jan 2013 >
Det-Tronics a world leader in industrial fire detection, gas detection, and hazard mitigation systems, announced today that its X3302 Multispectrum Infrared Hydrogen Flame Detector... More >

Nov 2012 >
Det-Tronics is now a member in the FDT Group, an open, independent, not-forprofit association of international companies dedicated to establishing an international standard... More >

Oct 2012 >
Det-Tronics introduces the PointWatch Eclipse® CO2 detector, an infrared fixed-point carbon dioxide (CO2) gas detector that provides non-intrusive calibration... More >

Jan 2012 >
Det-Tronics announces that its Nanotechnology Metal Oxide Semiconductor hydrogen sulfide gas (NTMOS H2S) detector has earned approval... More >

Jun 2011 >
Det‐Tronics has introduced its Addressable Smoke and Heat (ASH) Module. The ASH Module is an interface device that manages inputs/outputs between the Eagle Quantum Premier® (EQP)... More >

Jun 2010 >

May 2010 >
Det-Tronics GT3000 Toxic Gas Detectors have received ATEX hazardous location and performance certification. In addition, GT3000 Toxic Gas Detectors are FM, CSA, CE... More >

Jan 2010 >
Det-Tronics has announced that its Eagle Quantum Premier (EQP) system has received Type-Approval from the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and from Lloyd’s Register... More >