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Celebrating Over 40 Years of Success and Customer Satisfaction

​​Det-Tronics is the global leader in fire- and gas-safety systems, providing premium flame- and gas-detection and hazard-mitigation systems for high-risk processes and industrial operations. The company designs, builds, tests and commissions SIL 2 Capable flame- and gas-safety products that range from conventional panels to fault-tolerant, addressable systems that are globally certified.

Det-Tronics is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp., a leading provider to the aerospace and building systems industries worldwide.


The corporate headquarters of Det-Tronics is located in Minneapolis, MN, USA, where flame, gas, mitigation products, and systems are designed, manufactured, and tested for installations around the world. With nearly 300 employees, 76 representatives, and 18 sales offices around the globe, we are ready to respond quickly to your needs.

Complete product line

To offer products that meet our exact requirements, we manufacture (at a component level) many of the flame and gas detectors used in our systems. This characteristic makes us unique among many of the safety system manufacturers.


  • Our fire and gas safety systems support addressable-loop and point-to-point architectures -- all solutions are highly fault tolerant, configurable detection and releasing systems.
  • Our optical flame detectors incorporate the latest technologies in UV, IR, UV/IR, Dual IR, and Multispectrum IR to maximize detection while minimizing false alarms.
  • Our gas detectors accurately detect the presence of combustible and toxic gases. The full line includes nanotechnology metal oxide semiconductor (NTMOS), catalytic, electrochemical, and IR absorption technologies.

By offering the widest range of fire and gas detection products, Det-Tronics ensures the right technology for every application.

global approvals

Det-Tronics submits products to recognized third-party testing agencies around the world for verification of performance and quality. We were one of the world's first detection manufacturers to earn and retain the coveted quality approval award, the European ISO 9001. Worldwide, we are also the recipient of hundreds of local and national approvals, certifying that our product has withstood each agency's most rigorous performance and area-classification tests. In addition, we are a member of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

world-class product Testing facility

Det-Tronics maintains one of the most sophisticated fire and gas testing facilities in the world. As we develop new flame detectors, we perform countless tests encompassing a full range of fuel types, fire sizes, and false-alarm sources. Our gas detectors undergo similar testing ensuring that combustible and toxic gases are detected, sources of cross-sensitivity are identified, and that an ideal balance is maintained between environmental protection and detection performance.

24-Hour customer service and support

As a world leader in fire and gas detection, we take extra measures to ensure the best protection and minimize the need for assistance. However, when questions arise, our customer service support team is well prepared. Det-Tronics maintains a large, highly-trained network of service personnel around the world to support and train our customers. Experts with extensive experience in engineering, customer service, and field applications are ready to assist you.

Phone: +1-952-941-5665
Toll free in the U.S.: +1-800-765-3473
Fax: +1-952-829-8750                                 

Safety for you, care for our planet

As concerned global citizens, Det-Tronics employees have worked to reduce negative impact on the earth. In the last year, Det-Tronics has reduced air emissions by a total of 84%; reduced overall waste by 24%; reduced hazardous waste by 50%; and produced 80 less metric tons of CO2. In addition, Det-Tronics works with vendors who comply with the highest social and environmental standards in the market.